Rolling The Dice: What to Expect From Super Bowl LVIII On and Off The Field

The Super Bowl is coming up this weekend on February 11th at 6:30 PM EST, featuring the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. While the two teams prepare to face off in one of the most viewed sporting events, businesses are also preparing. The Super Bowl is a great opportunity for businesses to promote their services, especially through the word of celebrities and influencers that will be attending in Las Vegas. The stadium alone will hold over 65,000 attendees, and over 100 million people will watch the broadcast.

Athletes train and compete year round in the hopes of earning a spot in one of the most important games of their career, the Super Bowl. At the same time, businesses are preparing to utilize the biggest sporting events of the year as a promotional tool. The NFL recently released all the brands that will be sponsoring the Super Bowl. Examples of these brands include: FanDuel, Visa, Oakley, and Lowes. Other businesses pay millions of dollars for ad time. According to Statista, the price for a thirty second commercial slot in the 2023 Super Bowl was $7 million.

The Super Bowl is also a prime opportunity for celebrities and influencers to create content. According to AdAge, influencers such as MrBeast, Ryan Trahan, and Adam Waheed will all be attending the event, filming content starting Monday, February 5th, when the teams arrive in Las Vegas. Creators will be promoting the Super Bowl through various media outlets such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, etc.. This content is both a great way for creators to deliver watch-worthy content and for fans to experience a behind-the-scenes look at the event. Influencers may be rewarded by being featured on jumbotrons or in the CBS game broadcast. And of course, viewers can expect to see Taylor Swift in the stands, rooting on her boyfriend, Travis Kelce.

Aside from the pressure of the game, players are also expected to create and star in content promoting the Super Bowl. Travis Kelce and his brother, Jason Kelce, have their own podcast discussing news events in football. The pair have discussed their experiences playing in the Super Bowl and their thoughts on Travis returning for another Bowl game. Players will be featured in Super Bowl promotional commercials, such as Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce in the State Farm MaAuto commercial. With all this being said, viewers can expect to see a variety of content leading up to and during the Super Bowl this weekend. 

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