The Development and Marketing of Professional Women’s Hockey

Throughout the past several years, the sports community has seen women struggling to find a permanent place in the world of professional hockey. With the ongoing execution of the new PWHL league, we finally have a distinct vision for the future of hockey for young aspiring hockey players, as well as women who thought their hockey career would end with college or bouncing around different semi-professional programs.

CBS Sports stated that Mark Walter Group and BJK Enterprises purchased the Premier Hockey Federation, which then followed the launch of the first games of the PWHL. Although they still have a long way to go in regards to their marketing, for example, development of team names and logos, they have been proactive on social media and have had an overwhelming amount of support from fans.

Not only is the brand promoting the league in a very engaging manner to consumers of all ages, but the women on the teams are as well. There is a PWHL Instagram, as well as an individual account for teams within the six PWHL rosters. A vast majority of women across the PWHL are extremely active on social media, including podcasts, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. The PWHL Instagram account never fails to post OOTDs, “Outfit of the Day”, for all the players; the TikTok’s posted by the athletes are always following current trends and sounds; the podcasts they partake in and run cover material for all age demographics; and many different subcultures that appeal to all.

The PWHL will be doing a 3-on-3 showcase Thursday during the NHL All-Star weekend, released the rosters last week. Each team will be composed of 12 women deemed to be either Team King, representing Cassie Campbell-Pascall as coach, or Team Kloss, coached by Meghan Duggan. The PWHL selected these team names in honor of Billie Jean King and Ilana Kloss, two longtime supporters of gender equality in sports and members of the PWHL Advisory Board. It’s exciting to see how the PWHL marketing team and the players continue to create media, as well as how they will continue to specifically market this NHL All-Star takeover, an amazing development in women’s hockey.

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